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Latest Baju Melayu & Songket For 2013 Hari Raya

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A set (or a few sets) of beautiful Baju Melayu and Songket is a must-have during Hari Raya. Wearing a quality and stylish Baju Melayu and Songket during Hari Raya not only resembles you have something new for the new year, but also it is the core essence of the Malay culture.

This year, one of our clients, Bumiputra Designer Association showcased their batik collection of Baju Melayu in a “I Heart Batik” campaign. BDA has successfully combined batik element into Baju Melayu, which is something new you might want to get as your Baju Raya this year.

2013 Latest Baju Melayu (photo from The Star newspaper)

The traditional Maju Melayu such as Cekak Musang, Teluk Belanga or Baju Melayu with Destar are normally consisted with one plain colour. Try playing with more pattern this year by wearing a batik design Baju Melayu. Not only you look stylish and trendy, but it also displays your distinctive fashion sense. Batik can be appealing and trendy too.

Here’s another tip for you. When choosing your Baju Raya this year, try choose the one made from Korean Satin instead of Chinese Satin. It is said that Korean Satin are smoother, softer and feels cooler when wearing it. Well, never try never know.

What about Songket? Is there any new trend for songket?

Old style of songket has a very contrast colour to the colour of Baju Melayu. But now the trend has changed. Instead of wearing heavy colour songket, people now go for softer colours like white golden, beige, light pink, light purple and etc. Playing with colours can be fun. Getting a kain samping that is colourful makes you look energetic and young.

 2013 Latest Songket 1

(photo from dia-honey.blogspot)

 2013 Latest Songket 2

(photo from Sofia Iman)

 2013 Latest Songket 3

(photo from batiknetboutique.blogspot)

 Sofia Iman - Songket, Baju Melayu Set Collection

Sofia Iman always provides premium quality of Baju Melayu and Songket. The outfits are made of good quality fabrics, while the handmade Songket and sampin provided are always the latest design and highly demanded in the market. A high variety of Baju Melayu and Songket are available for your Hari Raya this year. You can even purchase as a gift of tradition for your customers, family members or friends. Contact Sofia Iman should you need a Songket customisation service.

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